On our trip on the Alaskan Highway <3

On our trip on the Alaskan Highway <3

We MADE it!

We made it!
We made it!
We made it!

54 hours & a new transmission later we are at fort wainwright! Thank you dear lord!

Now in processing & job hunting haha! Lets go!

Saw my first wild bear on the Alaska Highway

Saw my first wild bear on the Alaska Highway

Pcsing OCONUS is Hell!

Well we left Friday morning.
Friday = great

Saturday = ran into problems at the border no matter what you are told the soldier needs a passport not just orders and military I’d -_- we thankfully got through with his birth certificate.

Sunday- currency exchange issues :/

Monday- broke down out of cell coverage -_- had to get a ride to coverage with Kenny from two strangers (friendly but still) & leave the dogs behind. Called a tow when we got coverage but the tow truck only had one seat for a passenger so I had to drive to the next town with these strangers.
Turns out we needed a new transmission so we are stuck in small town middle of nowhere canada 600 for the tow and 3000 for the transmission. Thank god for deployment savings but now we are pretty much stretching our penny.

Can wainwright hurry up. Prayers for a better rest of the trip please and thank you. Hope y’all’s week was better & this is why I haven’t updated -_-

My first passport stamp headed into Canada on our way to Alaska

My first passport stamp headed into Canada on our way to Alaska

Timing Is Everything

Story Of My Life

Story Of My Life

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Today is exactly ONE WEEK until we are on the road to FORT WAINWRIGHT ALASKA  -_-

There is still so much to do, & on a holiday weekend at that!

I need to put plates on my new car today

Fax the rest of the paperwork to housing in Alaska

My best friends birthday dinner

Fixing Kennys truck to “shipping par” Sunday

my other best friends birthday on Monday

Kenny drives to st Louis to ship his truck Tuesday then flys back here

Moving everything to storage with a UHAUL Wednesday since Jypso screwed us (previous post)

Carpet cleaning Thursday

Driving away Friday :( & a crap ton of sad goodbyes inbetween

What a week :/

30 Day Milso Challenge Day 3

Day 3: What was your first memory with them?

My first ”real” memory with Kenny would be at his R&R party from his first deployment. I went along with my aunt since she had known him ever since he was born! I had the absolute BIGGEST butterflies in my tummy!

We pulled into the lot of the VFW and there he was in uniform. We mad brief eye contact and he turned and walked the other way. At first I was all oh my God, lets go, I cant do this, blah blah blah. Turns out he only did that because he was as nervous as I was haha. 

We hugged for the longest time, had long conversations, made plans for the remainder of R&R, and shared our first together. <3

Good Day and the actual start of our lives together. 

Props to GOOGLE &lt;3

Props to GOOGLE <3

My husbands Fort Carson Homecoming

My husbands Fort Carson Homecoming

Kunar at 4&#160;1/2 weeks. What a stud.

Kunar at 4 1/2 weeks. What a stud.


When you lay in bed & can not sleep because you literally have a million thoughts running through your head. That would be my night. I want to drift off so bad but all I can think about is everything to be done before the move. Praying we don’t have to do this again until he clears (if he actually gets out this time) in three years. 1 sheep…. 2 sheep…. 2 sheezz


Jypso screwed US!

We now have to pack all the stuff our selfs and put all of our belongings into storage where jypso will then pick up our belongings where a close friend will oversee the process. The pick up is occurring after our report date to wainwright.

So begins the packing process and more hassle to us. Joy. Stress. Ugh.

Wish me luck.